AMT - Eurasia Irkutsk 03.06.2023

3 августа `23
АМТ - Евразия Иркутск 03.06.2023

Video report from the competitionAMT - Eurasia !!!

Small video to watch
We went to the city of Irkutsk for the format of the competitionAMT - Eurasia
part of our team and did not return empty-handed

In the sine class 4000kVanyushka Sdobnikovtook first place
Professional classEvgeny Gerasimenkotook first place
In class concert clubArtem Korotkovtook 3rd place

In the classroom concert polygonDaniel Kozhepenkotook second place

monster classEgor Ovcharovtook 3rd place

In class concert stadiumVanyushka Sdobnikovtook first place

In the rear class without restrictionsDaniel Kozhepenkotook second place

In the extreme classSeryoga Lesunovtook second place

We evaluate the first trip excellent further, as they say more, follow the news for each car, a little later we will shoot a review and also wait for the release on ourYoutube channel.